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Unfinished Helps Launch "The Frame," a News and Resource Website for the CIty of Framingham

Partnering with Access Framingham, a media resource for the city of Framingham, Massachusetts, Unfinished was able to design and develop a new website called "The Frame." The Frame is a news and resource website for the city of Framingham.

October 2, 2023
RR Abrot
Head of Operations, UNFINISHED®

How satisfied were you with the quality of work?

Very. The site has a very clean, crisp design with excellent and solid development underneath.

Did Unfinished deliver your project on time and within budget?

Absolutely. I gave the team a very tight deadline and RR and the team rallied to deliver us a great site.

How would you rate Unfinished's professionalism and communication skills?

The team was very accessible and responsive on Slack along with regular meetings. They always took the time to make sure we understood our own project.

Were you happy with the level of collaboration and input you had?

Again, I felt like the team at Unfinished was with us and listening to us every step of the way.

How likely are you to recommend Unfinished to others in need of similar services?

I am very likely. While fairly new to Webflow, I felt they delivered an excellent product at a good price on time and on budget.

Was the final product delivered by Unfinished consistent with your expectations?

Yes. The site has the features and designs that we discussed from day one.

How well did Unfinished handle any issues or challenges that arose during the process?

When issues came up, I feel that RR, James, and Rhuel and the team were able to tackle them head on.

Would you work with Unfinished again in the future?

Yes. I did want to discuss a bit more a second project that involved a very custom template and that may not be in the cards, but I certainly would want to work with them on it.

Anything else you'd like to share about your experience?

On the whole, working with Unfinished was a very positive experience. I found them to be a flexible team, skilled, and very easy to work with.

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RR Abrot
Head of Operations, UNFINISHED®

Having worked with over hundreds of companies such as SmugMug, Flickr, Boeing, Tithely, and much more, RR has deep insight on how to enable organizations to scale faster and enable teams to own their website experience using Webflow.


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