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BizWorth Launches their New Website Experience with Unfinished

BizWorth came to us with a unique buying experience idea for their website that provides certified valuations for business owners. Read a detailed, comprehensive review of their experience working with the Unfinished team!

June 8, 2023

Project Summary

The BizWorth team came to us with a special buying experience idea for their website that provides business owners with certified valuations for their business. Our team worked with them through ideation, UX design, Webflow development, custom code integrations, and post-launch. This was a unique use case as it pushed Webflow's capabilities to functions that have never been seen before with Webflow. BizWorth has received raving reviews about their website and has seen some increase in revenue since its launch.

How satisfied were you with the quality of work?

The website launched was of very high quality design and functionality. Anytime you build something unique and challenging, it's inevitable to run into content, functionality or usability issues that could threaten the quality of what your client experiences online. What I like about Unfinished is they not only conduct their own QA process but also involve us with tools and time both before and after the launch to ensure we're delivering the highest quality website and functionality. When we did identify unforeseen issues, they were extremely quick to investigate and resolve which made them an excellent partner.

Did UNFINISHED deliver your project on time and within budget?

Yes...they worked very diligently to deliver the project on-time and within budget but that's truly an oversimplification of what they actually did. In many instances, too many to count really, we or the Unfinished team suggested creative ways to improve the functionality or usability of the project which often added additional work to the team. The management team at Unfinished never played the change order game or tried to nickel and dime us with incremental costs or time. For example, it become obvious we needed a dashboard to help our national clients better manage their account with us. It was Unfinished to recommended the strategy and went above and beyond to deliver it without affecting the timeline. Their collaborative approach to partnering with the client is probably what makes Unfinished so unique.

How would you rate UNFINISHED's professionalism and communication skills?

The five attributes I'd use to describe the Unfinished team are positive, capable, inquisitive, innovative and responsive. They seem to go about their work with a sense of joy and appreciation at the opportunity to design and build amazing websites for their clients. The communication is genuine and honest and I like that they are continuing to incorporate people, tools and processes to enhance how they interact with their clients in near-real time. Very good use of Slack, video and online feedback tools such as Figma.

Were you happy with the level of collaboration and input you had?

Yes. Collaboration and incorporation of feedback were excellent. Throughout the process, they actively sought my input and ideas, which made me feel valued as a client. They were not only receptive to my suggestions but also offered creative solutions and insights that exceeded my expectations. The level of collaboration was truly outstanding. They maintained open lines of communication, keeping me updated on the progress and involving me in key decision-making moments. They took the time to understand my vision and goals for the website, and then worked diligently to bring them to life. What impressed me the most was their ability to generate fresh ideas and provide valuable input. They leveraged their expertise to propose innovative concepts that enhanced the functionality and aesthetics of the website. Overall, my experience with this website company was exceptional. Their collaborative approach, responsiveness to feedback, and ability to generate ideas and input with the client set them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a professional and client-centered web development experience.

How likely are you to recommend UNFINISHED to others in need of similar services?

Very likely.

Was the final product delivered by UNFINISHED consistent with your expectations?

Exceeded expectations.

How well did UNFINISHED handle any issues or challenges that arose during the process?

There were on a rare occasion that issues that came up where we needed to improve communication. The Unfinished team responded very well which I think made it easy for us to work together.

Would you work with UNFINISHED again in the future?

We have several additional projects yes!

Anything else you'd like to share about your experience?

Overall, my experience with Unfinished was exceptional. Their collaborative approach, responsiveness to feedback, and ability to generate ideas and input with the client set them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a professional and client-centered web development experience.

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