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8 Tips You Didn't Know About the Webflow CMS

Whether you're new to using Webflow or an experienced Webflow developer, here are 8 tips that you may not know about when using the Webflow CMS for web design and development.

January 18, 2024
Kyron Balingit
Web Designer, UNFINISHED®

1. Video Link Field for Social Embeds

Tweets, LinkedIn posts, and other similar media can be embedded in your site using the video link field. When editing a blog post in Webflow, scroll to the “Link Embed” field and simply paste the tweet link. On your site, you can then add a video box and adjust the video settings to display the “Link Embed” CMS field. From there, the proper sizing can be adjusted and there you have your embedded tweet! Though it is certainly not the most important tip we’ll share, it can be helpful for clients who want to embed YouTube videos on their sites.

2. CMS Fields in Custom Code

It is possible to use Webflow CMS to put dynamic snippets of text within custom code. This is especially helpful when it comes to working with marketing teams or CRMs that require different types of forms. In the case of one of our websites, the amount of resources available with this website. Under main resources, click on the “Form ID” field. Simply paste the link!

3. What CMS Pages should be Unpublished?

When developing your site, make sure that you’re not indexing pages in Webflow that should not need it. A new statement being used among Webflow designers is “crawlable.” Is your website crawlable by Google’s robots? (That’s a real thing now) After opening page settings and selecting a CMS page, you now have the ability to turn off the publish settings that cause page indexing.

4. How should you Title your Collection Lists?

To be completely honest, the title of your CMS doesn’t matter. It changes nothing other than your workflow. When it comes to the CMS collections, it is good practice to title each CMS in a way that is easier and convenient for you and the client to understand. That being said, there are some CMSs that you would not want the client to touch. A simple trick is to add “SYSTEM-“ before the name of the setting. This distinguishes that collection as important and not to be touched by the client.

5. How to Style Rich Text in Collection Pages

How can a developer stylize rich text when it is connected to the Webflow CMS? Because it is rich text, it is uneditable in designer mode. However, there is a way to fix this. If you have a style guide page or any separate page on your site, create a rich text box on that page. Then, you must add a class to rich text. This rich text can now inherit class styles and will be stylized on other pages.

6. Category URLs

If you love having multiple URLs, this tip is for you! This is a newer feature to Webflow and is very beneficial for larger companies who want to retain their URLSs when they move over to Webflow. The reason for this is simply for SEO purposes. You can now add categories to your CMS lists. This feature allows you to place pages into different folders, all while changing the URLs.

7. Set Image Max and Min Sizes

When placing images on pages such as a blog page, you are able to set specific sizes for that image within Webflow. First, click the settings button next to one of the CMS Collection pages. Then, click the settings button next to “Main image.” From there you easily set the minimum or maximum image widths and heights. This feature is really useful when developing a website with a group of people. Even if the group uploads a photo, that photo must reach the same pixel size standards and size settings. This way, the images are all streamlined. Not only does this feature make your images look uniform, but it is also great for SEO!

8. Help Text for Collection Fields

In the settings of various CMS collection categories, there is a field called “Help text.” Whatever you write in this field is communicated to everyone who is working on your site. Think of it as “advice” to avoid some confusion in a particular area. For example, if someone keeps trying to upload a 4-megabyte image, the help text you write will remind them of the maximum size. The Help text section helps you work as a team!

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Web Designer, UNFINISHED®

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